Alumni Volunteers


Whether you live near campus or across the country, there are many opportunities to volunteer with your alma mater and play an active role in our community. From mentoring students to community service events, join us by registering for upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunities:

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Become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador!

As an Alumni Admissions Ambassador, you can help recruit future Ospreys through several volunteer efforts, including participating in open houses, accepted student events, or joining the congratulatory letter-writing campaign - an ongoing outreach opportunity where you can write to newly accepted Ospreys and share why you chose 老司机福利社. Register today to become an Alumni Admissions Ambassador!

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Become an Alumni Social Media Ambassador!

As an Alumni Social Media Ambassador, you can assist in promoting upcoming events and fundraisers to your followers to help increase our outreach. Increasing our reach to the community can help current and future Ospreys with networking and scholarship opportunities! By becoming an Alumni Social Media Ambassador you can also assit in recruiting future Ospreys!

Don't see anything you are interested in? Contact us and we can help you in finding something that better aligns with your interests. 


For questions or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact